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Witchery – In His Infernal Majesty’s Service
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Witchery – In His Infernal Majesty’s Service

‘In His Infernal Majesty’s Service’, henceforth referred to as ‘IHIMS’ due to my typing laziness, does not mess about! It is the 6th album by Swedish Blackened Thrash crew, ‘Witchery’ and it will kick the living shit out of you with every one of its 38 minutes.

Circumstances have dictated that the band have had to make 2 enforced changes. Angus Norder has come in to provide the vocals with Chris Barkensjö bashing the skins. If anything, the changes have reinvigorated a band now in their 20th year, although, in fairness, ‘IHIMS’ is their first studio album since 2010’s ‘Witchkrieg’ which could also have given them their hunger back.

The first thing you notice about ‘IHIMS’ is that it is a crushingly brutal album. Opening track ‘Lavey-athan’ as a proper facemelter and in Norder, the band have found a vocalist capable of handling the bands sheer aggression. This is most noticeable in the excellent ‘Nosferatu’ which absolutely shreds!

However, the best track is arguably saved until last. Album closer ‘Oath Breaker’ is heavy and brutal enough to give you coronary heart disease. Fortunately, us Rocknreel reviewers are very heavy metal, so we can handle it, but this album should have a warning label for those of lesser stock. Check out the video below!

‘In His Majesty’s Infernal Service’ is an album that should be sold with a defibrillator, just so you can zap yourself back to life for all the repeat listens it will demand!

Witchery have come to destroy!