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Voodoo Vegas – Freak Show Candy Floss
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Voodoo Vegas – Freak Show Candy Floss

Powered by a very successful Pledge Music campaign, Voodoo Vegas return with their sophomore album and it’s an impressive affair. Freak Show Candy Floss is up there with the best rock releases from any British band this year and is guaranteed to have you rocking your balls off .

Debut album The Rise Of Jimmy Silver had a late 80’s vibe to it, with obvious inspirations of Aerosmith and Guns n’ Roses but Freak Show Candy Floss has a heavier and more modern vibe. It’s like the pretty girl down the road you haven’t seen for a couple of years. You remember her as the cute kid and all of a sudden she’s all grown up, sexy with a rack to die for. This album reflects the musical maturity of Voodoo Vegas, accomplished and downright raunchy. 2015’s EP Hypnotise gave a taster into their new sound but they have set the bar higher this time. Freak Show Candy Floss is 10 songs of perfectly crafted music and with the stellar production of Guillermo “Will” Maya it makes for a spectacular audio treat.

Kicking off with the swaggering and biting Backstabber the tone is set for a musical feast. A killer riff with an awesome guitar solo, delivered in blistering style by the two pronged guitar attack of Meryl Hamilton and Jon Dawson, you just hope things haven’t peaked too soon. But as Long Time Gone kicks in you gratefully realise that’s not the case. The celtic-like chorus is as good as anything offered by Black Star Riders and proof that Voodoo Vegas were at the top of their game when writing the new material. Resolution ensures there is not let up in quality. With its serene acoustic intro and verse reminiscent of Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion, another outstanding guitar solo, which is a pleasing constant throughout the album and a grandstand chorus orchestrated by the skin bashing skills of Jonno Smyth, this tune is another belter.

The comic book inspired Killing Joke, paying homage to the clown prince of crime The Joker, sees things take a more sinister turn. It’s a moody, dark delight and showcases the bands diverse song writing skills. Followed up by the more subtle Lady Divine, a song inspired by a cup of tea and in stark contrast to subsequent track Poison, noting the consequences of a day’s heavy drinking, there is no let up in quality. Poison with its strutting riff and bruising bass courtesy of Ash Moulton, is a personal favourite and

album highlight. Though Black Heart Woman, a story of a relationship gone sour and proof the album has been written with a fair amount of personal influence, is another hard rocking masterpiece.

Acoustic track Sleeping In The Rain, tackling the emotive subject of homelessness in a delicate manner, is stripped back and easy on the ear. The rock n roll clichéd I Hear You Scream brings back the electricity in searing fashion, whilst the show ending delight Walk Away, the heaviest song Voodoo Vegas have written to date, has that big band arena feel to it and is a fitting end to a great album.

Freak Show Candy Floss is a superbly sweet delight, ten sugary songs sprinkled with the classic rock sounding vocals of Lawrence Case. It’s sophisticated, sexy and you will have a hard job trying to find a better album befitting their genre this year. Go buy a ticket to the freak show, you won’t regret it.