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Trees Of Eternity – Hour Of The Nightingale
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Trees Of Eternity – Hour Of The Nightingale

Atmospheric doom metal band Trees Of Eternity are ready bring some beautiful ambient darkness into your life with their album Hour Of The Nightingale.

Trees Of Eternity are a band that was the brainchild of singer-songwriter Aleah Starbridge and guitarist-composer Juha Raivio, the band started as an acoustic project but soon branched out to include more musicians, brothers Frederik and Matthias Norman (formerly of Katatonia) on stringed instruments and Kai Hahto (Wintersun) on drums.

There is some sadness to the bands story though, as Aleah Starbridge sadly passed away earlier this year, the band and their Svart Records have decided to release the album in Aleah’s memory, with Juha saying, “This is a celebration of the music, lyrics and life of Aleah, who so tragically and suddenly crossed the bridge of stars and left this world so young and so early. There really are no words to describe the ultimate weight of the darkness, or the rays of the brightest of light that this album holds within its songs and lyrics. In so many ways this album turned out to be the most important album I’ve done in my life, and we both loved it from the first note to the last as we wrote it. We were very proud to record Hour of the Nightingale together with our friends, band mates and amazing musicians, Kai Hahto, Mattias and Fredrik Norrman who all played their hearts out on this album. And working with another good friend Jens Bogren producing, recording, mixing and mastering the album we’re ready to take this music to the world and play it to you all. Sadly, that never happened… but this is the point where we can finally start this long journey and celebrate our Queen Aleah Starbridge whose words and music will live forever on.”

This has stuck with me whilst listening to the album, it reminds me of when David Gold, singer of Woods Of Ypres passed away just before the release of  Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light, so I am proud of Trees Of Eternity for honouring Aleah in this way

Some of the highlights from this amazing album are “Broken Mirror”. It’s haunting guitar pieces take you into a cold landscape, it opens your mind to an adventure whilst extremely haunting vocals lead you on your way. This is beautiful and brings a tear to my eye, the instrumentals have great melodic tone and really help tell the story here. It seems to be a song full of sadness and pain but remaining hopeful – this is blissful and atmospheric perfection.

Album closer “Gallows Bird”, features vocals from Paradise Lost singer Nick Holmes and is a near 10 minute long masterpiece. Starting with lone vocals from Aleah it soon has a drawn out guitar and really slow crawl drums that build the intensity of the atmosphere, it is an extremely dark ambiance in sound, almost feels like you are alone in a forest trying to find your way out in the darkness, it retains this pace until half way through where Nick’s eerie vocals join in, they sound gloomy and immense. The clean style works extremely well, it sends shivers down my spine just hearing it, and I love the use of an organ towards the end, a bit like in an old hammer horror film, this is one of the best songs I have heard in a while.

Hour Of The Nightingale is a stunning album, it is so well structured and sounds so sad yet is a beautiful way of paying tribute to Aleah, it only saddens me more that we will never get to see her perform it live with the band. R.I.P Aleah, your band has done you proud and your voice will live on in the hearts and minds of fans for generations, this is one of the most hauntingly perfect albums I have ever heard.