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The Pack
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The Pack

The Pack is a wannabe Ozploitation movie that really tries its best to shock and to scare, but you can only put so many shots of a dog doing that aggressive teeth showing smile thing they do before it becomes almost parodic.

So we have your textbook farmhouse with all seemingly well. But wouldn’t you know it, they have a teenage daughter who’s always on the phone, and because the bills are racking up, good old mum tears the phone wire out of the socket when the daughter refuses to get off the phone (I wonder if that will be an intricate plot point later, seeing as they leave in the middle of nowhere).

So it’s not too long before it gets dark, and for a moment, it seemed like a jolly freakish set up, glowing eyes reminiscent of Jordan’s Company Of Wolves, but in the blink of an eye, the film goes right down the Dunny…….

You can almost hear the concept pitch to the studio ‘remember Cujo? It’s like that, but with more dogs, and it’s at night, it’s scary at night isn’t it mate?’.

It may be scary at night, but only when the rest of the film is coherent. Yes, it’s reminiscent of Kings Book/movie, but what made that a little more eerie than it should have been is the fact that it’s set in the day, it had a strange atmosphere to it.

Here, people poll up to the house, see a shadow run past, and hey oh, they are ‘chow’ Mein. I don’t mean to be ‘woof’ on the film, some of the attacks homage the raptor attack in the Lost World, but it’s a boring affair, it took me all my will not to turn the blasted thing off, because there could have been something worth seeing at the end, but no,there wasn’t.

I honestly find dogs that walk in their bum scarier than this.