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The Neon Demon
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The Neon Demon


An aspiring 16-year-old model moves to Los Angeles, where she quickly finds success after she is discovered by a make-up artist and signed by an agent.

However, her beauty also draws the attention of lecherous men, and provokes the jealousy of other women in showbiz……

The Neon Demon is one of those films that splits audiences right down the middle. And these are the sort of films that I love. They strike debate, letting others express their opinions on what they loved/hated about the film.

I for one think its one of the most striking, beautiful films made in a long time, and for me, it’s going to be pretty hard for a film to come to brilliance that Winding Refn has delivered here this year.

For me, it’s all about the imagery and the attention to detail that pollutes every frame of the film. The use of the titular demon brings a sinister element to the film, as if it turns the film subliminally into a horror film.

The film appears to be heavily influenced by the work of Bret Easton Ellis and Dario Argento. The use of colour (especially when Jesse first meets up with Ruby and the rest of the coven) is wonderful, and makes the initial meet up with them quite cold, but inviting for Jesse and of course, us.

Whatever you perceive the films message to be, it could be a warning sign for all the potential wannabe models being attracted to the Bright Lights of the Big City, like a fly to those exterminators (hence the title The Neon Demon), and it shows you that if you get in with the wrong crowd, it will literally consume you of all your innocence and all the elements of what made you pure.

The cast are wonderful, and Keanu Reeves is wonderful as a ghoulish motel owner.

The film definitely isn’t for everyone, but it really hit the spot for me. It’s definitely eccentric, but like all things that have eccentricities, it begs to be seen, as it gives you something so much different.

It’s a vibrant masterpiece, with one of the best scores of recent times.

Well worth your time.