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The Bunny The Bear – Stories
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The Bunny The Bear – Stories


Last year I heard and reviewed one of the worst albums of my life…it was so woefully bad that my interest in modern music was shot, my appetite to explore new acts was stalled and my faith in the humanity was crushed. “Burn in the non-existant hell” is the response I got for my review from a fan of ‘The Bunny The Bear’, it seems he didn’t take kindly to the fact I said that I would rather be water boarded and have my nut sack connected to jump leads being fed electric current from the National Grid, than listen to “The Stomach for It” ever again. True to my words, I never went back to that album.

Fast forward a whole year and it would appear ‘The Bunny The Bear’ are set to release a new album. “Stories” comes along with the usual pretentious nonsense blurb from the record label asking the listener to picture, in their mind, a fairy tale situation of horror and beauty portrayed by the band. What have I done to the boss to land this review? “Perspective” is his reply, I’ve reviewed them before and I’m best placed to see if “Stories” will be better than Rock n Reel Reviews worst album of 2012….so lets begin.

Well…it’s really not good at all. That’s not to say its as bad as “The Stomach for It” because this is marginally better. As soon as the actual songs kick in I find myself eerily back in a Groundhog Day deja vu of epic proportions. There has been no growth at all or no maturity of writing. 3 albums in about three years will do that though. There has been no time to sit back and reflect about what works (very little in this band) and what doesn’t (pretty much most of everything going on here). For a band who are self proclaimed bastions of experimental post-hardcore there has been no pushing the envelope and still no sign of anything remotely relating to post-hardcore.

It isn’t as bad as their last album though and there are flakes of some passible music…these flakes are not sprinkled on “Eating Disorder” which, from the outset, gave me the same sinking feelings I remember from my last encounter with the band. Once again the production favours GarageBand dance drums, synth heavy nonsense and guitars with no balls at all…I mean why bother having guitars at all in this band? The melodic vocals are so over the top and toxic that you beg for some heavier vocals for balance. Their heavier singer, however, has an equally horrible vocal tone.

You can lump “Another Day”, “Melody”, “What We’re Here For” and…fuck it…most of the album is awful. What I’m gonna do is focus the rest of the time to those flakes I mentioned before.

“In Like Flynn” has an almost ‘Fall Out Boy’ quality to the chorus melody, coupled with the music it sounds like a possible dance remix of that band. It’s passible and would almost work if it wasn’t for the aggressive, and I use those words loosely, vocals. They sound like a petulant teenager throwing a strop after being asked to tidy their room. A complete missed opportunity for a decent track on the album.

“Hey, Allie” has a nice build up at the start and show promise. Those high over the top melodies sit … Well as comfortable as we are gonna get here but the mix of this and the pointless, castrated breakdown just leaves me scratching my head as to what market the band is actually aiming for??. “Your Reasons” is another track ruined by the talentless heavy vocalist and I felt that this quieter moment on the album could maybe be something that , in time, I could grow to like. But that’s the highlights of the entire album.

I just don’t understand the purpose, point or justification for ‘The Bunny The Bear’ existing in the music industry other than to annoy reviewers or torture terror suspects. Their music, playing loose with my words again, is generic and poorly written. It’s needlessly layered with synths and the production is god awful. If you listened to this album and enjoyed it then I submit to you that maybe you missed a dose of your meds and you should seek emergency medical assistance. I’d honestly rather star in a Jap Scat movies than listen to this band again.
Do me a favour and avoid this album like a hooker with Aids…in the words of my fellow reviewer Graeme…”Fuck this band”.