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Superjoint – Caught Up In The Gears Of Application
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Superjoint – Caught Up In The Gears Of Application

Phil Anselmo and chums are back, with a brand new Superjoint album, entitled Caught Up In The Gears Of Application.

Superjoint have always been a rough and ready band, dropping the Ritual part from their name for the new album, the band took their name from a lyric from “The Pagan Winter” by Darkthrone and it is extremely fitting seeing how heavy and black metal inspired Superjoint are.

Having an epic mix of musicians in the band has also helped Superjoint, even with the recent controversy surrounding Phil Anselmo, you cannot deny that he continues to make great music and having legendary drummer and guitarist Jimmy Bower (Eyehategod, ex Crowbar), does not hurt either, this is Superjoints 3rd album and the first in 13 years.

Phil Anselmo had this to say on the new album “The overall theme means many things, or no things, but there is an underlying message regardless, about how modern technology, computers and all that comes with them, mainly, has affected our lives. As a musician, it has affected my life both negatively (music being stolen) and positively (being in touch with fellow musicians around the world and staying visible). But when looking at the broader spectrum, computer-land has given everyday people a platform in which to bellow like carnival barkers about anything and everything, humdrum or political, whether qualified or not, some with good intentions, some with disingenuous intentions and some with ideas that lay somewhere in the middle, creating a mishmash of results.”

So has it been worth the wait? Highlights from the album include “Sociopathic Herd Delusion” which starts with the sound of bombs dropping and a really dry slide guitar, before the overall sludgy goodness Superjoint are known for comes in heavy and fast. Phil’s vocals are harsh as hell, sounding like a growling rottweiler, Jimmy’s drumming is precise and hits like a hammer. I absolutely adore the mish mash of riffs and tempo’s here, this is a filthy song that leaves you in need of several showers after listening.

“Asshole” has a great build up riff leading in, it reminds me of Pantera’s last album Reinventing The Steel in it’s musical style (when they went heavy as fuck), even though at times you can’t really understand what the fuck Phil is saying, the lyric “Shit Comes Out The Back” made me laugh, plus the pace of this song is ultimate mosh pit material, getting faster before descending into chaos – this is Superjoint back at their groove laden best.

I am extremely happy to have Superjoint back, even with all the troubles surrounding Phil, you can’t help but enjoy such a sludge fueled album that sounds raw and evil. This is a perfect blend of groove, hardcore and really hard and heavy metal, welcome back Superjoint, lord knows I have missed you.