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Suicide Squad
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Suicide Squad


There have been films that have been divisive for all the right reasons. Last year, The Visit split audiences and critics alike right down the middle into the quality of the film. But there were the people whom already gave the film the brush of because of the director.

Now we have Suicide Squad, and it’s pretty much the same for this film, but because of some people’s views of BVS, many have already dismissed this because it’s D.C., and nothing can touch Marvel, or the legacy Ledger left with his portrayal.

Haters gonna hate……

A team of incarcerated villains, including Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and Deadshot, are recruited by the government for a suicide mission in exchange for clemency.

Their assignment, however, is complicated by the ongoing quest of the Joker to reunite with his one true love……

I’ll get straight to the point. The film is stupendously entertaining, it’s bright, colourful, devoid of any sort of relevant story, put goes along at such a heady pace, full of wonderful characters, couldn’t care less. This is Suicide Squad, The Con Air of comic book movies.

The film is split into three. The first part is the back stories and introductions to the squad, and they are each unique to their characters, but do give a little away to how their individuality will affect their actions.

Smith for example is easily the most humanistic of the titular group, and it’s no surprise as to how his character progresses through the film. Dead shot is a contract killer, not a psychotic killer, thief, or your atypical ‘bad guy’. He has a daughter for crying out loud, that should spell everything out.

Harley Quinn is good, but she runs out of steam toward the end of the third act. She’s amazing to look at, but her little tics and one liners start to grate toward the end, but her story with The Joker is ironically the most interesting thing of the first act.

The rest of the characters introductions are a lot shorter bar Enchantress, which has a The Decent vibe to it, but you never get bored of the introductions, eve if it does take a good 30mins of the film up.

The second act is heavily influenced by Carpenters Escape From New York, it’s them in a desolate place, with their lives at stake, and what pretty much feels like a no win situation, just lake Snake Plisskin had all them years ago.

This is where the bad guys and the good guys start to get a little bit of a mutual respect for each other, thanks to the relationship between Smith and Kinnerman, their banter is excellent, and the second act is as action packed and as funny as you’d expect, with The Jokers shadow hanging heavily over the narrative.

The third act is very reminiscent of the final act of the original Ghostbusters, and this is where the majority of the Squad come into their own, especially Diablo, played brilliantly by Hernandez.

And for once, the trailers haven’t given anything about the narrative away, the actual story, as flimsy as it is is pretty surprising, as I thought it was centred around Leto’s Joker.

Leto, is honestly wonderful as the Joker, and although his screen time is limited, it’s the characters shadow that keeps him in the back of your mind for the film.

Courtney doesn’t do much as Boomerang other than drink beer and play with his unicorn, and the inclusion of Katana is a pointless exercise.

But all in all, it’s a wonderful creation, frenetic, funny, scary, and well justified of its 15 rating here in the U.K.

Ignore the critics and the haters, Suicide Squad, while light on plot, is top notch summer entertainment, and one of the most enjoyable things D.C has released yet.

Like Smith said to Viola Davis (who is the scariest thing in the film) ‘that’s gangster’…….