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Soundcrawler – The Dead End Host
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Soundcrawler – The Dead End Host

It takes Soundcrawler 1 minute and 20 seconds to get you hooked on the whole concept of this album, a multifaceted, slow and yet inviting fuzzy soundscape. The melodic talent of this band is fascinating and keeps you alert all the way through every track.

Still, by the fifth track something is missing. Something that is hard to define. But the sixth track defines that thing for you.

The Plastic Truth breaks down and takes the listener for a ride through slow landscapes with pure beauty. Well that pretty much seals the deal and shows that Soundcrawler has found those dynamics that so many other bands in the stoner genre lacks. The next track Civil starts with some eerie notes that creates somewhat of a perfect balance as the Vocals comes in. This is truly a magnificent track and definitely the best track of the album.

This album screams of pure quality all the way through the 9 songs. The base of this band is clearly stoner rock, but there is so much more. They have the groove and touch of 70s rock and the vocal melodies of Grunge ala Alice In Chains. All of this makes for a stunning album.

One detail that really elevates this debut offering from Soundcrawler is that they have written 9 great songs. Its not just great riffs thrown together as much stoner seems to be at times. This is songwriting and arranging with thought and precision. And being a debut Album, it makes me really stoked to see where the band goes from here.