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Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie
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Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie


Life always seems complicated for Charlie Brown, the boy who always tries his best against seemingly impossible odds.

When the Little Red-Haired Girl moves into his neighbourhood, Charlie Brown develops a crush on her, while his best friend Snoopy embarks on an epic adventure in a fantasy world.

As a World War I flying ace, the beagle pursues his nemesis, the Red Baron, while also trying to win the heart of a beautiful poodle………

Charlie Brown wasn’t really a staple of my childhood. It was around but only in the ‘cartoon that used to be on BBC1 during the school holidays’ kind of way. And although it translated well, and sort of dealt with real, day to day maundering a of the average child, it only left you thinking ‘what exactly is going on with Marcia and Peppermint Patty?’

And now after what seem like a an awfully long time, the film finally hits our shores, after what seems like an age of promotional material, and is released at the same time another, slightly bigger movie, is released.

That’s right, it’s released here the same week as Sisters…..

Me although it may delight children who have never seen or heard of the Peanuts legacy, it left me thinking to myself ‘it’s been 32 years since the last Peanuts movie,they could have come up with so etching original’.

It’s the child equivalent to the Monty Python Movie ‘And Now For Something Completely Different’ albeit with a narrative and plot.

So the film basically rehashes all the greatest hits from the TV show that I was so fond of in a nothing else to do kind of fondness, and turns it into a beautifully animated 93 minute movie, inter-cutting each ‘sketch’ with Snoopy’s psychedelic run ins with the Red Baron.

And for a while, it’s pretty nostalgic stuff, bringing a lot of my childhood storming back into my mind, something only a time machine could do, and I cannot believe I forgot that the adults in this film made that wonderful noise, because back when we were children, that’s the noise that adults made when we were going through our little day to day tribulations.

But all in all, it’s a fun movie, delivering a nice message about being yourself, and it’s going to garner a new breed of fans.

I just still don’t know what it is between Marcia and Peppermint Patty, for years I thought Patty was a boy, but she’s just a little ‘butch’…….