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Rocking Corpses – Rock ‘n’ Rott
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Rocking Corpses – Rock ‘n’ Rott


Rocking Corpses are a relatively new Finnish band who combine Rock, Death Metal and Horror themes.The band are Tony D.K, Leper Laze and Vile, although all instruments were recorded by Tony D.K for the new album ‘Rock ‘n’ Rott’.

The bands name pretty much sums up what they are all about, Rock, Death, Zombies and Copses. To be honest the name suits them down to the ground, if I try to imagine what type of music a Rocking Corpse would listen to, this would probably be it.

The album is mainly dominated by a southern blues feel, but at the same time its very Death Metal orientated too.
First track ‘Up from the Grave’ sounds like it should be on the soundtrack for TV series True Blood with its redneck tinged riffs. The vocals may take you a few listens to come to terms with, switching between clean rock vocals and guttural Death Metal growls it’s very much a case of opposite extremes.

‘Necroplis’ is next and it has an unbelievably catchy opening guitar lick. So much so I’m using it as my mobile phone ringtone.  It’s one southern motherfucker and probably one of my favourite tracks on the album.

As I delve further into ‘Rock n Rott’ I notice the track titles are in a logical order. Each title is gradually telling a story of a corpse crawling out of its grave and rocking out in a city. It’s a cool idea and makes me take notice of the track titles a little more than usual.

The album continues on in this vein and I have to say it’s a little weird at times but I do quite like it. It’s not going to be everyone’s thing I can guarantee but I like the bluesy swagger this album brings.

Track 8 ‘Rocking Corpses’ steps on the gas a little more and opts for a more up-tempo head banging approach, again with some nice southern riffage on display from Tony.

Sometimes I find that Tony’s clean vocals are a little unsteady, but kudos on his Death Metal vocals; they are fucking brutally low.

Tony states some of his influences as AC/DC, Motorhead, Clutch, Entombed and Pungent Stench. To be honest you can hear a lot of those bands on this album, but that’s to be expected as he recorded it himself.

The band has recently acquired a drummer by the name of Vile and will hopefully do some live shows in the near future. As far as I’m aware the band haven’t played live yet, so it would be interesting to hear how this comes across in a live setting.

As I said before this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a sucker for well written Southern Death Rock riffs then give it a listen.