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Waking every time with confusion, Zev Gutman (Christopher Plummer) uses a hand written letter to piece together his life and his mission. With little else to hold him back he goes on search for the man responsible for murdering his entire family.

“Remember” is a very intense thriller in spite of seeming to be on the old and slow side of life, with an ageing Auschwitz survivor as its leading protagonist. The director actually said that a reason for making another Holocaust film is due to the fact that there are some survivors still alive and in a few years any new stories would have to be a period piece. And in all fairness the idea of vengeance for a World War II crime seems so dated. But this film is anything but dated, slow, old or boring.

Atom Egoyan is by no means a fresh and young director having been nominated for an Oscar back in 1997 for “The Sweet Hereafter”. Although most of his films prefer to live in the genre of drama its easy to cast “Remember” off into the bin of intense dramas. And for that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer pulls of the performance of the year as the confused and determined Zev. He manages to suck the viewer in with his sadness, and then enthral them with his tactics to achieve his goals. Cleverly assisted by his friend Max Rosenbaum (Martin Landau), a fellow Auschwitz survivor.

This is writer Benjamin Augusts first produced script and if this is anything to go on “Class Rank”, which is in production at the moment, will definitely be something to watch out for.

Diving too heavily into the story will mess up the mystery part of the film and keeping you in the dark would mirror how Zev feels every time he wakes up. So go in with a sense of dementia and unlock the suspense for yourself.

If you are a fan of impeccable acting, riveting mystery and thrilling plot points then “Remember” is too superb to pass.