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Red Dawn – Algorithm of Destruction
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Red Dawn – Algorithm of Destruction

Red Dawn are a French band from the outskirts of Brittany who like to play a brand of Technical Death Metal that, while nothing original, takes all the ingredients of bands such as Aborted, Decapitated and Death and add a little of their own credentials in order to make a refreshing sound..  Red Dawn started in 2013 and has released one demo prior to this but Finisterian Dead End saw enough in the band to release their debut cd “Algorithms in Destruction”.

Immediately, the first thing that impresses you about this record is the quality of the sound.  Everything is clear, even the much maligned and neglected bass player is heard thoroughly.  “Cracked Clock” starts things off with a nice mid paced death metal down tuned guitar riff that is pleasurable to these ears.  The pace is then picked up a notch and mid paced blast beats followed by deep low growls courtesy of vocalist Nours.  Throughout the song and the whole album, Nours shows his skills by displaying an array of vocal styles, from death growls, screams, hardcore to even a pig squeals here and there.  Will be interesting to see if he can manage the different vocal styles live, but I have no doubt that he can ;)

The twin guitars of Flo and Chris work very well together, displaying a nice array of riffs that will please the listener and get the air guitar out of the cupboard and play along.  The riffs and leads are not too technical like bands like Wormed or Obscura, just technical and complex enough for my liking.  While technical death metal is all well and good, sometimes you just want to hear a more straight forward riff and play along and that’s what Red Dawn do in spades.

Highlights for me with this album are many.  Second song, “Hate”, starts off with the aforementioned pig squeals and blast beats, before changing to death growls and hardcore screams.  A highlight of the song is the solos from Flo and Chris, which brought me to something of latter day Death.  The bass of Val is prevalent throughout the song as with the whole album and caught me out mid-way through the song when it suddenly stops and then after a couple of seconds, the bass starts a wee jazzy number for a couple of seconds before the blasts and deep growls come in and we are all smiling again.

Another highlight for me and probably my favourite track was “Looking through the Eye of God” which starts with a nice mid pace riff before the blasts kick in again and Nours’ deep guttural vocals.  Again the Death like guitar solos makes this a very enjoyable track.   “Alter Ego” opens with a nice slow chugging riff and deep growls and I love songs that open like this where the emphasis is placed on the guitar and the vocals.  This is a slower number but it’s the chugging riffs and deep growls that stand out the most with this track.  Title track “Algorithm of Destruction” is a worthy title track and fares well against the whole of the record and got this head nodding in appreciation. A common theme with Red Dawn is that they pace their songs well.  I mean there are the slow, mid and fast paced parts but they always seem to know when to get the balance right.  Drummer Thomas dictates the pace well and hits snares hard and for a band in its infancy, Thomas shows signs hitting it with the best of them.

Unfortunately though, it’s not always perfect as in the song “Strange Dreams” where they are trying to be too technical with an intricate riff that goes on for too long and is too high.  The only other time I felt like that was when I cannot listen to Hate Eternals “The Art of Redemption” due to the start and it’s the exact same here.  The thing is it was a good song otherwise but then they had to play the same riff again which made me actually move the track on.  Sorry guys ;)

This was a very enjoyable listen from Red Dawn and I wish them well for their futures.  Even though there is not a lot of originality here, they play their instruments and write songs from the heart, showing true passion with what they do and I wish these guys all the best.  The true test of topping this album is now going to play heavy on their hearts but with getting some experience on the road with other bands, they shall prevail.  Good luck.