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It’s not a very new premise, the loner who kidnaps a girl hoping that Stockholm syndrome will set in quickly and they live happily ever after…

A Hobbit bumps into an old crush and subsequently becomes obsessed with her, leading him to hold her captive underneath the animal shelter where he works.

But the captive isn’t at all what she seems, and her past comes back with a vengeance…..

Much like last years ‘Shut In’ (not the tepid Naomi Watts film), Pet turns the tables on the antagonist and makes them sub-protagonist by the end of the second act. Plus having Monaghan as the captor instantly makes him a character you almost immediately show empathy for, because he has one of those faces.

His character is the archetype loner, appears weak toward work colleagues, gets embarrassed around women, and rarely makes eye contact, but there is something odd about him, uncomfortably odd.

It’s quite a kooky film, given the subject matter, and the fact that the writers make no character innocent is a bonus for the narrative, as you rarely root for the same person during the film.

The cast are good, there are some pretty gruesome effects, and the final scene, though it’s a fitting end to the film, reminds one of Kevin Smiths Tusk.

A decent thriller.