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Okilly Dokilly – Howdilly Doodilly
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Okilly Dokilly – Howdilly Doodilly

Ned Flanders inspired nedal (yes that is a word) band, Okilly Dokilly have opened up the leftorium, so people can go pick up their debut album Howdilly Doodilly.

The band could well be Homer Simpson’s ultimate nightmare, if one Ned Flanders isn’t enough to drive you mad, imagine a whole band of them! But this band kicks some serious arse (stupid sexy Flanders), the band have been around since 2015, with their brutal brand of nedal anthems, where most of the songs directly lift Ned Flanders quotes for lyrics.

Highlights from an album packed full of Neddy quotes and puns, include “Nothing At All”, a song inspired by the time Ned Flanders wore a tight ski-suit. It starts all nice and soft surf-rock style, until the screamed chorus of “Nothing At All!!!” It also pinches some classic Offspring lyrics from their song “Gone Away”, that fit in hilariously and it is an angsty rock ballad that will please church goers and metal heads.

Godspeed Little Doodle” is a very doomy track (perhaps an ode Godspeed You! Black Emperor?). It is 6 and a half minutes of Flanders bliss, epic harsh vocals that diddly and doodilly along and the crusty style riffs sound like there were recorded in a garage (where Homer keeps most of the stuff he stole from Ned). It’s a really raw experimental sound that works really well, you could take away the fact these guys are a Ned Flanders tribute, stick another name on them and it would still work as an awesome song, especially the breakdown style riffs.

Howdilly Doodilly is a fun album, full to the brim of Ned Flanders tributes, more than you could shake a left handed stick at. It has awesome riffs and great guttural vocals, remember to take this band seriously, as God will strike you down if you don’tilly doodilly. I for one do hope their head of security is Hank Scorpio.

So raise you Left hand, make the horns and also grab a white wine spritzer whilst you are at it.