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Obake – Mutations
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Obake – Mutations

When a band in the doom/stoner rock realm releases an album, I’m always curious to see if the music strays off into other territories of the atmosphere to keep the sound honest. In the case of OBAKE, who will release MUTATIONS via Rare Noise Records this fall, they do not hesitate one bit to explore other avenues of the music spectrum to reach their apex.

Within each of these cunning tracks, OBAKE takes the listener on a journey through crushing doom and head-bobbing riffs with blues undertones. Then, out of nowhere, the band pulls the rug out and shifts into psychedelic electronic soundscapes. It’s as if you started your night with a bottle of Jack Daniels and decided to pop a few mushroom caps to mellow things out. Just like that, the head banging madness comes back in to remind you that the bottle of Jack is still lingering around. A formula like this can only work if the musicianship is astonishing and these guys are just that. Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari’s vocals shift from a demonic growl to operatic symmetry at the drop of a hat while the rhythm section of bassist Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) and drummer Balazs Pandi create precise hypnotic grooves that keep the songs from becoming tedious.

BURNT DOWN is a real standout, this beautiful instrumental will take you to the outer hemisphere of your own being to make you realize we are not alone in this universe and death is imminent.

Overall, OBAKE create a refreshing piece of music that touches on all the good things about doom and sludge, heavy guitars, heavy grooves and head banging riffs for days.   With enough psychedelic atmospheres mixed in to rival that of Ufomammut, these guys raise the standards on today’s doom music.