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Nightsatan – Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom
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Nightsatan – Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom

Just when I thought I’d seen or heard it all in my time with Rock n Reel Reviews something blindsides me and leaves me at a loss for words. Trust Svart Records to be behind this tangling of tongue and scrambling of speech, the Finnish record label have always had a knack of making me sit back on utter the words “wow” (anyone remember how enamoured I was with Beastmilk last year??).

Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom is a short movie/soundtrack by Finnish synth trio of madmen Nightsatan and to say that this release has captured and enthralled my imagination would be the biggest understatement that fingers have typed to keys. What this band have captured is the spirit and sound of 70’s/80’s horror/cult & sci-fi cinema and harnessed it into an almost modern setting and production.

Now what you might not know about me is how much of a late 70’s and 80’s horror/cult/sci-fi cinephile I am. I grew up on Carpenter, Argento, Romero, Craven & Hooper and one thing that these masters of horror and cinema knew was how to put a fucking kick ass killer synth soundtrack in their movies!! John Carpenter would famously score his movies and created some iconic scores the likes of Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China & Escape from New York which Nightsatan have clearly been influenced or maybe the better word is inspired to write in this vein.

When you couple this with the obvious influence from the Italian prog rockers/soundtrack makers Goblin, I wonder if Nightsatan isn’t actually a group from my subconscious giving me the soundtrack I never knew I needed to the short movie I hadn’t seen yet.

The short movie, Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom, that accompanies this soundtrack was watched recently by myself, the Boss Dave and our good friend and fellow reviewer/podcaster Owen. I fucking love it’s nihilistic, post apocalyptic almost Jodorowski-esque and Lynchian Dune-like setting. The bizarre journey of the three Nightsatan members trawling the wasteland, much like Mad Max, in order to find adventure and sex and mystical synth wizardry is entertaining and completely compelling.

As for the soundtrack, well without going on ad nauseam as to why this is such a fucking killer album I would like to throw out a caveat and disclaim that if you don’t like 80’s synth soundtracks or in general 80’s inspired synth scores then you need to avoid this as you will not enjoy it at all. I would say that if you don’t like John Carpenter or Goblin soundtracks then please avoid this album…however for those who do….you’re going to love this soundtrack. The music is very well crafted and immaculately produced. The tracks flow seamlessly into each other and deliver a grandeur which is utterly mesmerising, ominous and foreboding. I have found myself going back to this album so many times in the last 2 week and sometimes listened to the album back to back three or four times at a time.

I love the fact that Svart Records have rallied behind this group and released this cd/dvd combo which I can see myself owning very very soon. Nightsatan is a crazy goofy band with a bizarre gimmicky image but the music speaks volumes for this reviewer and in the end that’s all that really matters!!