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Negativa – Negativa
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Negativa – Negativa

Back in 2006 Gorguts brutalists Luc Lemay and Steeve Hurdle got back together to form Technical Death Metal band Negativa and were joined by Miguel Valade (Ion Dissonance) on Bass and Etienne Gallo (Augury, Neuraxis, Aborted) on Drums. Their self titled debut CD was unfortunately the only CD ever released by Negativa, due to the unfortunate death of Steeve Hurdle in May 2012, but a limited edition pressing of this CD has been re-released on August 6th.

‘Chaos in Motion’ is the monolithic opener on this 3 track Cd and by god if the eerie finger-tapping doesn’t unsettle you then the discordant blasting riffage certainly will! The juggernaut of a riff that enters just after the 2 minute mark is utterly skull crushing and I think its due to Negativa’s chaotic sound that this more simplistic riff hits you so hard.

‘Taedium Vitae’ is a slow Doomy beast of a track, full of dissonance and sluggish thudding rhythms. Whilst this track didn’t hit me as hard as the opener did initially, around the 3:15 mark it jumps into a choppy up-beat rhythm which has me smiling ear to ear. The jarring guitar chords are only made more scathing with the addition of Luc Lemay on vocals, he sounds like he’s been gargling glass.

Last track ‘Rebellion’ opens with hints of Jazz mixed with Tech Death Metal guitars and stuttering blasts from Drummer Etienne Gallo. This track, like the previous two, descends into the pit of hell at one point with guitarist Luc Lemay dishing out some seriously revoltingly heavy riffs at very slow speeds.

I for one love this CD and if you didn’t hear it first time round in 2006 then now’s your chance to pick it up. Sure, its not gonna be everyone’s thing but it you like your Metal technical and repulsively heavy then I would say it would be in your interest to buy it. The only downside to this release is a reminder that we’ll never get to hear that follow up album Steeve Hurdle spoke about before his death, which is a shame because this really was an outstanding slice of Technical Metal.