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Lost Society – Braindead
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Lost Society – Braindead

‘Braindead’. Now there’s an emotionally-charged word for me, bringing back memories of mid-90s club nights at the Royal Standard pub in Walthamstow when ‘Club Braindead’ would feature the best of the underground metal scene, thanks to promoter Graham Fraser and DJ Griffin. But these young Finnish thrashers were probably not even born back then!

Formed in 2010 in Jyvaskyla by guitarist/vocalist Samy Elbanna, Lost Society went through several changes in personnel before settling on the current line-up, with Ossi Paananen on the drums, Arttu Lesonen on the guitar and Mirko Lehtinen on the bass. Now the band release their third full-length album, and it’s a raging slice of old school thrash.

There are a few influences quite evident on the album, notably Bay Area legends Exodus and Testament, as evidenced by the track ‘Hollow Eyes’. This opens up with a crushing mid-tempo riff and features some very effective variations on the drum dynamics, really punctuating the music perfectly. The riffing and vocals scream vintage mid-80s San Francisco thrash, and all four band members display technical chops beyond their tender years.

‘Mad Torture’ is a full-on thrasher in the Nuclear Assault/S.O.D. style, full-barrage riffing on the verses and a huge shoutalong chorus. The lead-playing throughout is thoughtful and melodic, the two axe-slingers working well to complement each other’s lines.

‘Hangover Activator’ is a stonking punk/crossover pile driver, propelled along by frantic double kick-drums, and breakneck riffing in a classic (i.e. first album era) Megadeth style, and the opening scream could even give Tom Arya something to think about.

Although this is a very strong album I think the band will only improve as they mature in terms of their songwriting. This is probably driven home by the fact that the best-sounding song on the album (in my humble opinion) is the cover of Pantera’s ‘PST 88’.

So far, so good, but I suspect the best is still to come. Luckily we have this next generation of thrashers to keep carrying the torch. I’m looking forward to seeing these guys live when they’re out on a European tour supporting Exodus in Feb/March.