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Karybdis – From the Depths
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Karybdis – From the Depths

Imagine “Lamb of God”…can you picture them?  Now Imagine you are listening to one of their albums, pick one, any one and just hold that thought for a second.  Now that you have that sound in your head, now imagine how you would feel if it were ten times better.  That’s right; I went there.  Karybdis are THAT good that they piss all over Lamb of God; well in my opinion anyway; a maelstrom of metal that has been beautifully structured by architects, of thrash metal genius.

They have cited their influences as Lamb of God, Machine Head, Chimaira, Trivium and the likes and I would have to say, they are absolutely right.  There are definitely moments of guitar epic-ness that resonates in the wake of Chimaira and indeed “At the Gates” or even “Sepultura”.  A window to a 90’s era that has been tried by a few bands, but few bands have managed to come across with the same conviction as these lads have.

Produced by Russ Russell, who has worked with the likes of Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, and The Wildhearts is no stranger to metal and has given this ten track album a polished finish to be proud of.  The infusion of sounds and influences is very apparent to any metal fan, but what should be pointed out that it is delivered in their own way, making them stand out as a new UK metal act, and one that can deliver an “onion face” riff that will make your fingers don the sign of the devil to your pals, really quickly.  Just listen to track 6, “I Say”, you’ll hear what I mean.

In short; this album is great and you should own it.  If they can do live what they have recorded, then it will be a grand show indeed and will compliment any band out there on tour as their support, in arena shows around the globe.