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Fake Idols – Witness
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Fake Idols – Witness

This is the second album by the former members of Raintime and Slowmotion Apocalypse, and it shows some signs of progression.

Out Of Gear lays the foundations for a solid, if not spectacular, mix of  80’s rock and, occasionally, a more modern metal sound.

Phil Campbell (Motorhead) guest stars on Mad Fall, which adds a bit more ‘oomf’ to the proceedings, but still fails to really light the blue touch paper.

Half way through the album, Silence gives us a short but really nice instrumental break, before I’m A Fake brings us back to their nu-metal sound.

The highlight for me on the album is an interesting version of The Chemical Brother’s Go, which I can imagine going down very well live. The final tracks return to their more prevalent sounds and, well, and that’s it.

The album has left me wanting, to be honest. As a ‘throwback’ album for those waiting on a new Linkin Park release, I’m sure it will fill the gap, but for me, it’s not too inspiring.

These guys have the talents and history, they just need to bring it into the modern world.