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Distant Sun – Into The Nebula
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Distant Sun – Into The Nebula

Russian thrashers Distant Sun are ready to release their inner nerd, with a sci-fi and fantasy inspired sophomore album entitled Into The Nebula.

Distant Sun have taken inspiration from Frank Herbert’s Dune and George R.R. Martin’s Game Of Thrones novels and are also highly influenced by bands such as Blind Guardian, Annihilator and Metallica.

Personal highlights from Into The Nebula for me are “Game Of War”, that has an opening riff that could easily be from any Manowar song. It marches in hard and fast and knocks you off your feet, the piercing vocals make you want to just go and cause absolute mayhem, pillage a village, it makes you want to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women (pardon the Conan quote). This is a highly-charged riff-filled anthem, the whole woah’s part towards the end brings you and your metal family together in unity – so damn epic.

The Battle That Never Ends” is pure power metal, opening with a horse charge and some slick riffs, it powers along with absolute aplomb. This is extremely like a Blind Guardian song and it pays off well, I adore the vocals here as they sound so strong and anthemic. Distant Sun know how to combine power metal, thrash and battle metal perfectly, there are so many influences from bands and fiction that I can pick up from this song and it is mind-blowing – I implore that you give this a listen.

Distant Sun sure know how to write a great song, no matter what the inspiration is, and have the vocal prominence and instrumental prowess to stand on the battlefield alongside the best of bands. I love this album, and although at times it may sound a bit cheesey, it’s bloody brilliant.