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Dissipate – Tectonics
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Dissipate – Tectonics

Adding yet another band to their ever growing roster, the Uk’s Basick Records have just snapped up Californian Tech Metal beasts Dissipate. Citing a list of “sounds like” bands such as Ion Dissonance, Carbomb and…….Deftones? This 6 track release definitely peaked my interest.

The barbaric onslaught of machine tight riffage and twisted time changes that is ‘Motion’ sets the tone for this release perfectly, at the 2 minutes 20 mark however there is a change in vocal style, but it’s only for a few seconds. Around 3 minutes 42 this flicker of vocal contrast rears its head again and the band inject a huge dose of Deftones style resonance into the track. Just when you think Dissipate have played their winning hand, they go pull this little surprise out of the bag.

Track 2 ‘Such is the Mind (Of a Realist)’ is another absolute face stomper, juddering rhythms, dexterous leads and Grand Canyon sized breakdowns. The chugging guitar tone is thick with plenty of muscle and is nicely accompanied by pounding bass drums. The production overall is very well executed actually, everything sits well in the mix and even though Dissipate’s sound can be very erratic at times everything is very audible.

‘Merch Fail’ see’s drummer Jeff throw in some clattering blast beats, but its not long till the band settle back into some grooves and even a tinge of Black Metal around the 1:40 mark. Dissipate have the techy skills of Ion Dissonance but they know when to reign all the carnage in, for example around the 2:40 mark the band break out the clean spacey vocals again and it’s a splendid contrast. Sure it reeks of Deftones, but who cares? The band implement it faultlessly.

‘Tectonics’ rounds off this release and it’s another great demonstration of Dissipate’s ability to balance out the darkness and light. Bludgeoning riffs but accompanied by huge reverberating vocal passages. If you could imagine Deftones intensified by like a hundred, then this is what Dissipate sound like on this track.

Basick Records have done it again, Dissipate are a great addition to this label and I can’t wait to hear what these guys do on a full length album. There’s plenty of variety on offer with ‘Tectonics’ and if you love the ferocity of bands like Ion Dissonance but with added melody then this is the band for you! It certainly ticks most of my boxes and I would love to hear these guys live. Do yourself a favour and check this out.