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Crippled Black Phoenix – Bronze
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Crippled Black Phoenix – Bronze

A beautiful darkness looms over the horizon, atmospheric rockers Crippled Black Phoenix are back, with their new album Bronze.

Crippled Black Phoenix are a band that are hard to define, their music mixes prog, goth, rock, atmospheric doom and rich sounds together in a perfect balance. Some people I know feel the band are quite morose and gloomy, but I love the darkness that lies within their music, especially shown by musical genius Justin Greaves, who has let his battle with the black dog known as depression, be an influence in the music.

Bronze is Crippled Black Phoenix’s 6th album, and it is stunning, personal highlights for me are “Rotten Memories”, a soulful song that has elegant fuzzy tones on it’s guitars that sweep back and forth along with simplistic drum stylings and a drawl toned vocal. It is a peaceful rock song that warms the heart, even with a bitter vocal delivery on the chorus areas, it is polished to perfection and reminds me of cold Autumn nights, when everything is cold and bronze like.

Turn To Stone” starts with a warped sounding guitar tone that anchors in slowly to a dual riff that crawls along until a harsher riff joins in, the vocals here are very stoner rock style, reminding me a lot of bands like Kyuss and Graveyard - I loved the dual vocal parts as well. This song is full of great melodies and balanced instrumentals that set a scene of hedonism in the desert, psychedelic trippy music that is perfect for a road trip, I can’t help but love this.

Crippled Black Phoenix have continued to push boundaries on Bronze, mixing up an electric range of music, it just sounds so beautiful and blissful, yet dark and angst filled at the same time. This album will give you a tingling sensation when you listen to it, that also leaves you feeling fuzzy and warm afterwards, absolute perfection.