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Criminal Activities
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Criminal Activities


Four friends who work in the city acting on an inside tip, invest in a ‘sure thing’.

But the deal goes sour, and they find themselves being indebted to the mob for nearly half a million dollars. The only way they can clear there debt is by kidnapping a member of another organised crime unit, and holding them for 24 hours.

But things are not what they seem…….

The makers have obviously been inspired by the likes of Boiler Room and Reservoir Dogs, and while it’s always a risky move to try and impersonate the likes of Tarantino, Jackie Earl Haley has done a decent job with his film.

Character wise, the film offers nothing new. The group who are in trouble consist of the quiet one, the nervous one, the loose cannon, and the one who doesn’t do much, but then does a lot near the end.

Then we have the heavies. Again, we have the quiet one, the muscle, and we have have the talky one, played by the director. Here it’s business as usual for the narrative. When these two heavies are I a difficult situation, the talky one goes and tells a story about how a mark on his body occurred. This trope happens in a lot of these types of film nowadays.

And then you have your almost washed up A-list star, playing the big man, the boss. And this time the guest star is one John Travolta.

Don’t be fooled by the one sheet, the mans hardly in it, but when he is he makes the film all the more watchable, but for two reasons.

Firstly, he’s brilliant in these sort of sarcastic roles, the one where the bad but has the swagger, and knows he can’t do no wrong. Imagine him as Castor Troy in Face/Off mixed with his performance in Swordfish, and you have him here.

Secondly, what on earth has he done with his face and hair?

Once the main plot is implemented, it’s a war of nerves for the group of fellows, as they start to bond with the victim, and in turn, the victim begins to play them off each other, and tensions rise.

What saves the film from mediocrity is the ending, and showing us the set up with the pay off, it makes for quite entertaining viewing.

That, and the soundtrack is stupendously over the top.

So it’s nothing special, it’s funny in places, Travolta steals the movie from everyone, and it never once threatens to challenge the grey matter.

Perfect for a cold winters afternoon.