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Fifty strangers wake up in a room standing on a red lit circle. If they get off they die. Every two minutes someone must be eliminated and the group can decide how. If they don’t decide someone at random dies.

So you’ve read the synopsis and want to see if this is something you might be interested in.

Have you ever seen, “The Man from Earth”? Did you like the movie? Where they talk and talk and show nothing characteristically typical of a Sci-Fi flik. Well, “Circles” does something similar with all the talking, except with strong horror undercurrents and themes that focus more on sociology and politics than existentialism.

There is a similar feeling to the film “Cube” with that confined atmosphere of death but “Circles” has a far better pace and manages to keep the intrigue all the way to the end with only ever using one room. Admittedly I first viewed “Cube” well after its release and I found it so dated and difficult to stay awake through. It lulls me to sleep no matter what time of day. But I digress.

“Circles” could have fleshed out some of those intimate moments of the actors more thoroughly but I’m assuming budget affected time, which meant that there were only a few takes. So boom. That one will just have to do.

Nonetheless I appreciate the themes this film shoots for. I enjoy a film that enrages me a little when portraying human nature as it systematically makes my brain wheel turn.

Is this plausible, are we capable and would I really behave like that?

I don’t think this is horror or sci-fi genre specific, rather more of a drama with the other two built in. I think if you enjoy a good drama but have gotten tired of the opaque sadness the genre likes to play in, then give this a shot. I think you’ll have a good time wading through the tension.

In the end it was a great film where it simply holds a mirror up to the 2010’s and says, “Take a look, what do you see? Wanna talk about it”