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Cénesthésie – Visceral
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Cénesthésie – Visceral

So the French are at it again and when I mean “at it” I mean ushering a wave of metal bands that are f**king awesome and this mob aren’t any different.  “Cénesthésie” are from Bordeaux, hence the French element, and their new album “Visceral” is why they are being referred to as awesome, but then if it’s French, Belgian or from Luxembourg it will normally find its way to my desk and I will be undoubtedly impressed.

Now for the schooling; Cénesthésie, which in English is “Cenethesia“, and is pronounced “ce·nes·the·sia”, which refers to the aggregate of impressions arising from organic sensations that forms the basis of one’s awareness of body or bodily state, as the feeling of health, vigour, or lethargy; a term of Psychology and will give you a healthy understanding of what direction this band is taking, stylistically and musically.

Now, normally, one might use other bands as a sound reference to give you an idea of what style this band have going on and to say that has been a bit of a challenge, is an understatement but I will give it a go, but they have been pegged in France as “Whimsical Metal”.  Think “Norma Jean”, “Converge”, “Every Time I Die” and “The Psyke Project” all rolled in to one and add some metal progression and you’ll be nearly have what these guys are similar to.  In fact, if you like any of the aforementioned bands then you will love this band.  Heavy, rhythmic, creative and stylistically fresh that gives you an opportunity to be absorbed by their project; it’s a monolithic project at that and I believe this band will hit the scene on a more mainstream level, with a bang.  Although it might be fair to say this isn’t mainstream music and will be appreciated on a greater scale, underground, if that makes sense.

Song writing, production and ability are awesome and deserve their place amongst some of the main hitters out there.  The guitars and drums are so tight and complementary of each other, that it is a sheer pleasure to listen to it.  The whole album has this organic sound to it, rough yet expertly produced to give a balanced sound throughout.  Heavy guitars cut in and out like a scalpel through tight flesh, the bass is solid and has a great singular sound when the floor opens to his own parts; the drummer should be commended for his full understanding of mathematical rhythm and adding a certain glue that keeps everybody together.  Couple this with clean guitars that alternate the sound and give dimension to cleverly written songs, you are spoiled for a tight album with eleven bouncing tracks.  My only gripe and it is one that is slowly being ignored, is the vocals and it’s not that they are bad; I feel they don’t suit the overall sound.  That probably sounds weird, but I would have liked a heavier sounding vocal, a more committed sound rather than a forced guttural, vocal shout.  But we can’t have it all ways, and I look past this to enjoy the overall sound of an excellent and entertaining album.