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Candiria – While They Were Sleeping
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Candiria – While They Were Sleeping

Urban Fusion outfit, Candiria, are back and back with a bang in their latest metal marvel that they have to offer.  The team from New York bring to life a concept album, filled with groove, twists and turns, rhythm and nod approving riffs, to fill your ears all day long and bring to life their eagerly awaited, 8th studio album.

Not much is said about their last album “Kiss the Lie” back in 2009, but more allegiance is supported to “What Doesn’t Kill You” back in 2004; the album that would change them forever, due to their near death experience whilst on tour.  It is a phenomenal album and is easy to listen to all day long, but then I like Candiria, I like their style, the way the fuse all sorts of style in to their music, how the push boundaries and are a genre defining band…. albeit not on a global scale, but I reckon they have a following bigger than most can imagine.

‘While They Were Sleeping’ is a concept album conceived by the band’s lead vocalist Carley Coma, telling the tale of a failed musician who rises up against a monarchy in New York City, aiming to encapsulate a vision of the contemporary world, in all of its riotous and tech-driven complexity.  Quite the story, but then this is what make Candiria so unique and clever.  They’ve made the music personal and without fear of being judged; they do what they want because it makes sense and realise their vision.

The band has kept their same sound that has been around since 1995 when they released “Surrealistic Madness” and when you start this new album, it’s like hearing an old friend, instantly recognisable and allows you to sit back and enjoy the art unfold in whatever aggressive unusual time signature, styled dissonance with their hip-hop, jazz-dub, and abstract psychedelic experimentation they have to offer.  No two songs are the same, an almost through composed album and exactly like a play unfolding, a musical if you will, with ups and downs, villains and heroes, action and reflection; which is a very enjoyable album to listen to.

If you’ve never heard of this band before, I’d say get on it and fill your ears with some historical gold, but as a starter, this album is for you and covers all the bases that make Candiria, what I believe to be, awesome.  If you’re already a fan, then this review is already far too long and you probably already have the album and are, hopefully, agreeing on every word here, in which case this has come to an end.  It’s an album for everyone and you won’t be disappointed.