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Bermuda – The Wandering
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Bermuda – The Wandering


Last year Progressive Deathcore crowd Bermuda released their ‘Isolationist(s)’ EP and I’ll be the first to say I really enjoyed it. Coming across like a mix between fellow label mates Volumes and King Conquer, this band certainly knew how to hook you in with their brutal yet addictive sound. This Californian 5-piece are signed to American label Mediaskare Records and are about to release their newest full-length offering ‘The Wandering’.

Musically ‘The Wandering’ is perfectly tight and there’s no denying that when it comes to heaviness Bermuda deliver it in spades. Guitarists Tyler Lozano and Michael Fabiano demonstrate a particularly flawless technical and unique ability and I think it’s mainly down to this that ‘The Wandering’ sounds the way it does. The tracks are full of machine tight grooves and are occasionally spliced with drummer Miguel Ochoa’s ferocious blasts which helps vary the speed of the album.

The punishing production of ‘The Wandering’ is similar to their previous release, ‘Isolationist(s)’, and I must admit I really like it. Nothing sounds out of place and the levels are perfect. The guitar tone is monstrous as usual and drums demolish your ears with their punchy attack. However it’s the vocals of Corey Bennett that really compliment the vicious overall sound on ‘The Wandering’; whilst they aren’t overly diverse, his harsh tone fits perfectly with the styling of the band.

First single ‘In Trenches’ features Ion Dissonance vocalist Kevin McCaughey and brings out the bands Deathcore chops in convincing force. The vocals from Bennett are particularly poignant with his shouts of “You’re like a brother to me!”

Track 6 ‘Sachael’ is another stand out with drummer Miguel Ochoa giving us modest tasters of his precise bass drum patterns and Bennett’s soaring vocal melodies which really injects some tasteful emotion into the track.

One thing I have noticed on ‘The Wandering’ is it has a much darker mood to it. Bermuda have definitely added a bleak layer into this album, mainly though their choice of chord progressions, subtle eerie lead work from Lozano on the likes of ‘Gamorrah Reborn’ and the fact they are now using 8 string guitars. Nice.

Closer ‘Obstruction’ is an 8 minute 41 second detuned beast of an outro. It jumps between grossly lethargic riffs and sinister spoken vocals. The whole sound of the track is just outright demonic.

Bermuda have delivered a destructive souding album and although it lasts a bit longer than I would have liked it is still enjoyable. ‘The Wandering’ isn’t a massive leap from their 2011 EP but I still think there’s a subtle progression in their sound. Fans of the band wont be disappointed, so if you checked out ‘Isolationist(s) and liked it then definitely pick yourself up a copy of this.