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Aphyxion – Aftermath
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Aphyxion – Aftermath

Danish melodic death metal band Aphyxion are ready to blacken the skies their new album Aftermath.

Aphyxion are a band that I don’t know much about, but have been told that they compare to the likes of In Flames and Soilwork, so getting to hear this album has me excited. Aphyxion formed back in 2007 and have 1 previous album entitled Earth Entangled.

So how do they sound and is the album any good? Highlights for me are album opener “Dark Stains On Ivory”, it is an atmospheric heavy bastard of a song. The instrumentals are very astral in sound, a lot of digitzed sounds reminiscent of djent bands but without the clang djent is known for. The vocals are very melodeath in style, harsh and have great flow. I love the mixture of sound structure in this song, it really drew me in.

When The Lights Begin To Fade”, is another brutal melodic banger, it has a fast pace to its instrumentals and the drumming here stands out, it is complex and smashes hard like rolling thunder. The chorus lifts into an even heavier mix and the range this band pulls off is amazing. An intense ride, I really can’t believe I haven’t heard Aphyxion before, they really appeal to my musical tastes.

Aphyxion fit the heavier side of melodic death metal vocally, whilst having a hell of a lot of melody. Not everything has to be overly heavy to sound good here and for once I am happy not to hear a mix of clean and harsh vocals, – the harsh vocals are perfect enough on Aftermath that I really need to listen to the album again immediately. All the songs contain stand out moments and this album sounds great, well done lads.