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Angela Martyr – The November Harvest
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Angela Martyr – The November Harvest

When I read the bio for Angela Martyr, is was very much intrigued. Described on their facebook page as ‘grungy, mechanical, pessimistic metalgaze’, it sounded like I was about to stumble upon a debut album by a band that had a lot of potential.

I was wrong, so, so very wrong.

‘The November Harvest’ is a horrible album. Dark and depressing it lacks the guile and subtleness to impress you. Each and every aspect of the nine tracks that are delivered fails to raise even a smattering of interest in my metal heart!

After the first listen, I read the bio again. Was I looking to see if I had missed anything? I don’t know! But the bio mentioned a comparison to ‘Jesu’, so I checked out some Jesu to see if I was missing anything. I wasn’t. Where Justin Broaderick’s Jesu is a multi-faceted melodically heavy juggernaut, Angela Martyr are, ostensibly, a tuneless mess. Poor, irritating vocals permeate. But the biggest crime is reserved for the final title track!

Ten minutes into this mediocre track, ‘Angela Martyr’, the band finally become alive and find a bit of a groove! Alas, the previous 10 minutes is pretentious nonsense and so it renders this groove moot. It infuriates me so much, that I have penalised the album ½ a star.

‘The November Harvest’ was released in December! Really? A month late? Anyway, in the 200+ reviews I have written for this site, this is my least favourite album. It loses any sense of goodwill in the first song, it is repetitive and, ultimately, not worth the hassle.