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Aghast! – Something Else; Something Rotten EP
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Aghast! – Something Else; Something Rotten EP

Chaotic experimental metallers Aghast! have returned to blast your ears with their new EP Something Else; Something Rotten.

The EP itself is the follow up to the critically acclaimed debut album All The Rage, which was an immense mix of death metal, thrash and grindcore, and for the EP the band created 3 new songs and also teamed up with US based D&B and dubstep label Abducted Records to make 5 remixes.

So is it any good? Highlights for me are “King Bitch” with it’s aeroplane like guitar riff shooting in and building to the coarse vocals and machine gun like drumming. This is a headbanger and face ripping meld of extreme metal sounds and grindcore vocalisation, it sounds dirty, disgusting and heavy as fuck, which is always a great thing. The only downside is the sound of the production value, it does sound a bit like it was recorded in someone’s basement, but that harks back to the sound of bands in the 80’s and adds a raw appeal.

Laid Out In Red” starts with a voice over stating about having a premonition about something bad happening, this song is extreme from the get go, a very Cannibal Corpse style song, full force aggressive vocals and sledgehammer like instrumentals that hit you hard and leave damage. This is brutal metal that appeals to my tastes, it still retains that raw basement sound again, which I can only think Aghast! wanted as it gives that atmospheric darkness.

As for the remixes, if you like taking a shit tonne of ecstasy and being in a room full of goths listening to EDM and trance then it may appeal to you, but it just gave me a headache, sorry guys.

This is a great little EP, but would love to hear the 3 main songs re-recorded in a proper studio environment or with a better sound technician, well done though Aghast!, you have my attention.