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Aethyr – Corpus
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Aethyr – Corpus

Combining doom, sludge, ambient drone and black metal, Russia’s very own AETHYR create a despondent sound that is cohesive at its core and rigorously atmospheric. I’ve been waiting a long time to hear a band combine anger, depression, beauty, atmosphere, darkness and good song writing in one coherent record and here in front of me lays CORPUS which is due out February via Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

While there are seven tracks on this L.P., it might as well be one continual song which takes us on a ride from the depths of a fiery pit in hell to the outer regions of our solar system. Not once was I bored or sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what the band would come up with next, it’s kind of like when you see a scary movie and you know something awesome is about to happen. The best example of the endless illustrations this band creates with its music is on ATU, a 10+ minute masterpiece of aerial depth and earth crushing heaviness. I would imagine if there is an elevator on the way down to hell, this song would be playing. On the way down though, the song takes a pleasant turn towards the light and gives us hope that hell might not be that bad after all.

The only criticism I have of this record are the vocals. I like a-tonal yelling as much as the next guy but they seemed a bit harsh at times and other times they would sound like cookie monster. That being said, from what I could understand, the vocals seemed to be in a language other than English, which is awesome. In addition, they are so sporadic and minimal that you might not even notice. Overall, this is a true gem of an album that touches on all sorts of genres that any metal fan should take notice of.