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Absolutely Anything
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Absolutely Anything

Aliens who travel from planet to planet to see what kind of species inhabit them, come to Earth. And if the inhabitants are decent, they are welcomed to be their friend.

If not, the planet is destroyed…………..

To find, out they choose one person and give them the power to do whatever they want.

They choose Neil, a teacher who is constantly being belittled by the headmaster and is attracted to his neighbour, but doesn’t have the courage to approach her.

But all that should now change………

Aside from the debacle that was Burke and Hare, Pegg never really puts a foot wrong when it comes to choosing his roles, and even though this is just a throwaway piece of fluff, the British Bruce Almighty if you would, there is enough going on in such a short amount of time to forgive the films main shortcoming…….Rob Riggle.

His character is from a totally different film and has no business being here. He has nothing in common with any of the other characters, and appears to try to upstage everyone on screen by being just too over the top. He ruins the film with every scene with which he’s involved, and nearly ruins the flow of the film.

Other than him, it’s pretty pleasant stuff. Pegg can do the Everyman with his eyes shut, and he’s such a vibrant, happy presence on screen, you never fear for his character or his shortcomings, because the man is just too endearing.

But because the film has so many characters, a lot of people are sidelined in way of being a punchline. Izzard is the biggest victim here, his motivation here is from being totally abhorrent toward Neil, to being his best friend. He’s in the film for literally three scenes, and he’s probably only doing it because He’s such good friends with the Pythons.

And speaking of the Pythons, they just appear to be going through the motions, doing a favour for Jones, and appearing in voice only. For nostalgia though, it’s essential for the Python completest.

Williams rounds up the legends here as the voice of Dennis, and unfortunately it’s not his finest hour. Again, just lend in his voice to the proceedings. But again, the man puts so much energy and life into his work, it’s still brings that Williams touch to such a short role.

It would have worked better as a thirty minute sitcom starring someone like Simon Bird, but it would have gone the way of My Hero and ended up as stale as last months bread.

But it’s a high concept British movie, and these are very rare, and although it wasn’t the most well received film this year, one thinks it will become a cult film in years to come, standing proud with the limes of Morons From Outer Space, and I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle.

Which is a compliment, honestly.

Worth watching.