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Coldsteel Interview

Coldsteel Interview

Interview: Troy Norr (Coldsteel)
Date: 19/02/2013
Interviewer: Dave

1. Hi guys, your new EP ‘America Idle’ has just been released on the 20th of February, how long have you been working on it and what would you say is different about this EP compared to the bands older material?

TN: Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to interview me on behalf of Coldsteel! “America Idle” has been in the works between Jan 2012 to Feb 2012, We started basic tracks in March 2012. The reason it was such a quick process was because I found a cassette tape from 1990 that had 5 songs on it. It was those 5 songs that would be the foundation for what would be recorded on the record “America Idle”. We did not simply copy what was on that tape. We sculpted, tweaked, added, removed until we were satisfied with it conforming to the roots of the band as well as being modern enough to appeal to some of the varying tastes of metalheads today. We invested roughly 200 + hours into the recording/editing part of this project.

2. Can you tell Rock n Reel readers what was the idea behind the name of the EP and some of the lyrical themes?

TN: The theme behind “America Idle” is really just a snapshot of what the American People have been experiencing with their government during the last decade. Both in Lyrics and Art, America Idle has a number of symbolisms injected into it to relay this snapshot. The tagline of the record “We the people…Rise!” indicates that it is the responsibility of the American People to change this snapshot. To bring the country out of the “IDLE” state it is in.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about how the writing process works for you guys?

TN: The music is always written first. I will then create vocal melodies singing any word that comes to mind (Freestyle) then once I have a melody down, I think of a story to write about and finally create the lyrics conforming to the story and melody lines.

4. Got any touring planned to promote the new EP? If so where and when can we see you?

TN: No tour planned yet. We will definitely be performing select dates anywhere they will have us! We have a few things in the works and have our first show in 20 years booked as main direct support for UDO at Revolutions in Amityville, NY on April 9th, 2013. We are also trying to get included on future festival like shows worldwide.

5. Any new albums (apart from your own) that your looking forward to this year?

TN: I was real excited about Attacker’s new release “Giants of Canaan” as well as Suffocation’s new one “Pinnacle of Bedlam” and Flotsam & Jetsams “Ugly Noise”

6. What was your first album bought, does it have any bearing on you being a musician and what do you think of said album today?

TN: I still have my vinyl collection today and I am not sure which one was my first purchased by myself actually. I remember one year receiving Michael Jackson’s first solo record (uggh) along with Men at work’s debut and Billy Joel’s “Glass Houses”. None of them really influenced me at all with the exception of Billy Joel. I always appreciated him as an artist. On the rock/heavy metal front, Kiss Alive II was really sparked my curiosity and that curiosity was further fueled by Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden. From there it evolved to Judas Priest, Accept, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Metallica, King Diamond, (The list keeps going)

7. Our website is all about Metal/Punk/Rock but we are also interested in Movies, what have you seen recently that you loved and any movies that you loathed?

TN: I am a big movie buff. I used to collect a lot of them. I recently saw Django unchained and even though critics state it was Taratino’s best film to date I simply do not agree. In my opinion, Tarantino’s highest point was Kill Bill VOL 1 and 2. When I first saw Vol 1 I walked out of the movie theatre hating it. I did not realize what a genius film maker he was until I saw Vol 2 years later. I hated vol 1 so much I refused to waste my time on Vol 2 but happened to see it on cable tv one night years ago and that sparked my interested to watch Vol 1 again. Since then, I have watched both movies numerous times. I have a low tolerance for bad movies. I recently turned off the movie VHF. It was horrible, really now.

8. If you were unlucky enough to be placed on death row and were granted a last meal, what would it be?

My last meal would consist of: Penne a la Vodka, Stuffed Cabbage, Stuffed Artichokes, Cheddar Cheese Perogies, HOT buffalo Wings. I would want the following drinks: Voss water, Modelo Especial, Stella Artois, Carlsberg.

9. If the story of your band was to be made into a film, which actor would play you?

TN: Hulk Hogan

10. What would be your desert island movie & album?

TN: Shawshank Redemption for my movie and “THEM” from King Diamond.

Coldsteel’s new EP ‘America Idle’ is out now!